Monocacy Hill Conservation Association

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Trail Maintenance

While all volunteer efforts for Monocacy Hill are important and appreciated, the most often required and physically demanding are those related to park and trail maintenance.  Along with the Geiger Road parking and picnic areas, there are a total of about 6 miles of forested hiking trails on Monocacy Hill.  Amity Township has certainly done it's share over time to maintain the park, but the majority of the maintenance work on the trails is done by the trail maintenance volunteers of the Monocacy Hill Conservation Association (TM-MHCA).  In conjunction with Amity Township, over time, the TM-MHCA volunteers have created trails, moved trails, drained standing water from trails and cut and cleared spots where trees (some huge!) have fallen blocking access.  We have also planted trees, removed vines and invasive trees and plant species and currently have developed and maintain a pollinator field for native wildflowers that has been designated as a "Monarch [butterfly] Waystation"!  Before and after photos of our most recent project - Restoring Lower Trail - appears below.  And a gallery of photos covering many of our former tasks and projects is underway and will appear soon!



Our latest project involved building a boardwalk over a flooded area of Creek Trail.  In September, a dozen volunteers worked for 5 hours to lay 400 feet (40 sections) of boardwalk over an area that had become virtually impassable during the spring and summer months due to heavy rains.  Our thanks to our volunteers and to the 84 Lumber Company in Douglassville for providing project materials at a substantial discount!  See photo below and click here to view other scenes from the project.





We welcome any and all individuals and groups who are interested in helping to maintain this little natural preserve right here in Amity Township/Berks County Pennsylvania.  If you are interested in volunteering some of you time to be sure there remains a space for nature to thrive in the midst of suburban hustle and bustle, click here to go to our volunteer opportunities sign-up page.  We'd love to have you work with us.  Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of our gallery and our website!

More on this page shortly

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